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Thứ Sáu, 1 tháng 7, 2016

The story is set in the Valley of Peace, a fictional land in ancient China lived in by humanlike pets. Po, a giant panda, is a martial art fanatic that admires the Angry Five; Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and also Crane; a quintet of martial art pupils trained by the red panda Master Shifu (" shifu" being itself Chinese for "master"). As he helps his goose [3] adoptive dad Mr. Ping in his noodle restaurant, Po is not able to pursue his imagine ending up being a kung fu master himself.

Past master Oogway, an old turtle and Shifu's advisor, has a vision that Shifu's adoptive kid and former student, the wicked snow leopard Tai Lung, will certainly escape from prison and also go back to the Valley of Peace to retaliate for being denied the Dragon Scroll, which is claimed to hold the trick to infinite electrical power. Shifu is surprised and also writes his messenger, the goose Zeng, to prevent Tai Lung's escape. He after that holds a kung fu event for the Angry 5 to ensure that Oogway could identify the Dragon Warrior, the one martial art master worthy of obtaining the Dragon Scroll and also capable of defeating Tai Lung. Compelled to take a cumbersome noodle cart to the competition, Po gets there as the field doors close as well as is unable to go into. Hopeless to see the Dragon Warrior picked, Po straps himself to a collection of fireworks, rockets right into the sky, and collisions right into the middle of the field and opens his eyes to see Oogway aiming his finger at him. To the audience's surprise, Po's complication, and the Furious Five's dismay, Oogway announces Po as the Dragon Warrior.
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Thinking Oogway's decision to be a blunder, Shifu aims to do away with Po by ridiculing him into quitting martial art training combined with a troubling training program. The Furious 5 likewise simulated and also contempt of Po as a startup with no ability in martial art. After obtaining motivation from Oogway, Po sustains his difficult training as well as slowly starts to befriend the 5 with his persistence, cooking skill, and also good humor. Meanwhile, Tai Lung escapes from jail as foreseen by Oogway, actually picking his locks with among Zeng's feathers. Shifu discovers of Tai Lung's retreat from Zeng and also notifies Oogway, that extracts a promise from Shifu to count on Po and afterwards ascends to the sky in a cloud of peach blooms. Still unable to realize the basics of martial art, Po despairingly confesses that he has fat chance of getting riding of Tai Lung. Shifu, nonetheless, finds that Po is capable of excellent physical tasks when inspired by food. Making use of food as favorable support, Shifu effectively trains Po to integrate these accomplishments right into an effective kung fu design.

On the other hand, the Angry 5 laid out to stop Tai Lung themselves, just to be bewildered and defeated by Tai Lung's nerve strikes. Shifu makes a decision that Po is ready to receive the Dragon Scroll, however the scroll discloses nothing but a blank reflective surface. Thinking the scroll to be useless, Shifu orders Po and the 5 to leave the valley. As Tai Lung shows up as well as combats Shifu, the distraught Po finds his dad who, in an attempt to console him, reveals that the long-withheld secret active ingredient to his famous "secret ingredient soup" is "absolutely nothing", describing that points become unique if they are believed to be. Po understands that this principle is the entire point of the Dragon Scroll, and also returns to challenge Tai Lung before he is able to kill Shifu.

Po becomes an awesome obstacle for Tai Lung as he safeguards the Dragon Scroll, with an unorthodox fighting design that puzzles as well as discourages his challenger; Tai Lung's or else debillitating nerve strikes do not influence Po as a result of his body fat. Tai Lung briefly bests Po as well as gets the scroll, however is unable to recognize or accept its symbolic definition. Eventually, Po getting rids of Tai Lung in battle prior to making use of the mystical Wuxi Finger Hold to complete him off finally. Po is commended by the Valley of Peace and also makes the respect of all the Furious 5, who totally acknowledge him as a true kung fu master. Po after that locates Shifu, who lastly attains internal peace with the valley safe once again. After Po and also Shifu rest for a moment, Po asks Shifu if he intends to get something to consume, in which he sighs in annoyance, as well as nonchalantly says, "Yeah.".

In a post-credits scene, Po and Shifu are seen sharing a meal of dumplings close to the growing peach tree, while the peach seed Oogway planted earlier is shown to have actually grown right into a tiny seedling.

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