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Thứ Tư, 20 tháng 7, 2016

Testuko offers Gintoki a brand-new sword she created to fight Okada on their means to the Kiheitai's ship. Regardless of not having totally recouped yet, Gintoki manages to remain on par with Nizo's improved abilities because of the latter's body suffering excellent tension from the Benizakura. Also as the Benizakura exerts Nizo's body to reinforce itself, Gintoki ultimately subdues Nizo as specified by Tetsuya that "the life or death fight [might have] stired up memories of battle that lay dormant within [Gintoki]" Nizo is ultimately consumed by the Benizakura as well as goes crazy, disrupting Shinpachi and Kagura's respective fights. As Shinpachi, Kagura and Tetsuko try to conserve Gintoki from Nizo, Tetsuya compromises his life to secure his sibling, recognizing the error of his ways. Having briefly recovered, Gintoki makes use of Tetsuko's sword to finish off Nizo and also ruins the Benizakura. Later, Takasugi exposes his intents to ruin the Bakufu in addition to the rest of the globe that took his, Katsura's and Gintoki's master, Shoyo Yoshida, from them. In order to gain power, Takasugi - along with the 5th core member of the Kiheitai Bansai Kawakami - allied with the amanto Harusame area pirates which Katsura and also the Yorozuya had actually formerly experienced, assuring them Gintoki and also Katsura's heads. Gintoki's group rejoins with Katsura's as well as run away from the ship before proclaiming Takasugi as an enemy, that the next time they satisfy they will certainly reveal no grace no matter their past.
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Besides the major story, the film showcases two shorts added at the beginning and the end. The former has the Yorozuya triad comically presenting themselves to the target market with their self-proclaimed Gintama specialty background-only design while the latter has the series' actors going over ideas for a second motion picture up until they are disturbed by of the Detector Bros. the Yorozuya at first described as Mr. War as well as Mr. Ner (refer to the former short) that cancel their next tasks due to wrongly asserting their Gintama anime to be a "mega-hit" in Japan, with cameos of other "mega-hit" manga Bleach and Naruto.

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